Safe Servicing in Queens: Tips on Buying a Gun Safe


In order to be a responsible and aware gun owner, you should always store your firearms in a safe. Keeping your firearms stored away will keep you and your family safe from any accidents involving your gun. By choosing a quality gun safe, you will be making a purchase that should last a lifetime. The following are a few tips on buying a gun safe from a business specializing in safe sales and Safe Servicing in Queens.


The rule of thumb when buying a gun safe is to purchase at least twice the size you think you need. This will allow you to store other valuables in your safe as well as allow you to accommodate any new gun purchases. Be sure to get the advice of a safe professional on the size requirements of your particular brand of guns.

Water Damage

Most people never think about water damage when buying a safe, but this can be a very costly mistake. If you plan on storing your safe in a lower level of your home, the risk of flooding is much higher in these areas. If you do not purchase a water proof safe, you run a greater risk of having your firearms damaged by flooding, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.


In many home fires, the rooms can reach temperatures up to 1,000 degrees in a very short period of time. By purchasing a safe that has fire retardant insulation, you can avoid having your firearms and other valuables being damaged by fire. Many safes with have the minimum amount of sealing required by Underwriters Laboratories, but you want a safe that has far exceeded that minimum to offer you the maximum amount of protection.

You can visit the professionals at Acme Safes of New York for all of your safe buying and Safe Servicing in Queens. The experienced staff should be able to assist you in buying the best quality gun safe available. You should ensure that you have information such as size and brand of safe that you want to purchase, which should help you move your safe buying process along.