Roofers in Nassau County NY Help Homeowners Prevent Winter Leaks and Resolve Problems


In the Long Island area, winters can cause roofing problems because of three main issues. Roofers in Nassau County NY can help with preventive strategies and also repair any damage that occurred to the shingles or the rest of the roof.

One is when ice dams form in the drainage gutters, gradually building to a very large block with icicles hanging down. Another is when a large amount of heavy wet snow accumulates on a roof during a storm, putting substantial weight on the structure. A third problem occurs when someone rakes snow off the roof but leaves ridges of snow and ice. When snow and ice further up the slope melt, the water has nowhere to go because of the ridges. Puddles form and water seeps down into the house.

Ice Dams

Ice dams develop when snow and ice on the roof melt into the drainage gutters, where the water freezes again. A common cause of this is inadequate insulation under the roof. It also is caused when sunshine heats up the roof and the snow, but the sun during winter’s short days is not enough to melt thick ice in the gutters.

Wet, Heavy Snow

A large amount of wet, heavy snow is dangerous for a roof because it can cause cave-ins. If this happens, a contractor such as North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp provides prompt repair service. Contact us at the number on the website.

Snow Removal

Leaks also can occur because the melting snow may not make it to the gutters because of more snow as well as ice in the way. If the homeowners cannot rake their own snow, they can call roofers in Nassau County NY to help out. Those roofing technicians may even climb onto the roof and shove all that snow off for a more thorough job. That prevents the ridges that can worsen winter weather roofing problems.

Any additional problems that were caused by a roof leak should be taken care of promptly. That includes removing wet insulation and having it replaced, and scheduling repair work for plaster or drywall that sustained water damage. Thoroughly drying the interior area with fans will prevent mold from starting to grow.