If the Roof Leaks, Call a Roofing Contractor Connecticut Right Away


A leak in the roof might seem like a problem that can be dealt with for a while. After all, it doesn’t rain every day and a bucket works good enough for now. What’s a little water now and then?

1. Well, that little bit of water could burn down the house. There are electrical wires in the ceilings and attic, and water plus electricity is a dangerous combination. Until the leaking roof is repaired, power should be turned off in the area affected by the leak. It’s a good idea to have an electrician examine the area looking for potential problems.

2. Mildew and mold are very unhealthy to breathe in, especially for anyone with respiratory problems. In an area of constant dampness, mildew and mold grow and spread steadily. Look for any darkened stains on ceilings. Wooden structure will gradually weaken when exposed to constant dampness, becoming unsafe.

3. If floors become wet from leaks, be sure to keep them dry to avoid anyone slipping and falling. Older people are especially vulnerable to falls.

4. Leaks get more expensive to repair as time goes on. Have a roofer check for damage to the underlying roof sheathing. Leaks frequently originate at a spot higher on the roof than where it actually leaks in.

5. Try to prevent as much damage as possible by using some temporary moisture control measures. Vent moisture outside with bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can help to lower the moisture level in the air.

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