Rodent Infestation: How to Prevent It and What to Do About It in Keizer, OR

Pest Control

When it comes to mice, prevention and maintenance is key. However, if your living space does become infested, you still have options. From setting traps to hiring a professional, there are things you can do to keep a rodent infestation at bay.

How Do Mouse Infestations Occur?

Most mice enter homes and apartments through faults, cracks, gaps or holes in walls, windows, sewer lines, ceilings, drains and more. Most property owners are unaware of these issues and as a result, these little critters begin to make cozy homes of their own.

How to Prevent Infestation

You will want to check your living space for cracks, holes and other entry points that make it possible for rodents to enter. Moreover, you will want to keep a clean house to prevent infestations of all sorts.

What to Do When Infestation Strikes

If an infestation does occur, you must act quickly.

Search for entry points and address any you find at once. You can use the services of a rodent removal company in Keizer, OR, for added help with this.

Once you’ve found their entry points, prepare to act. Keep your house clean, set traps, use poison, and set down sticky paper. You should also consider trimming shrubs near your home as these can be hiding places for mice and other rodents. Moreover, be sure to check your garage and under your car hood. Oddly enough, mice and other rodents like cozy up next to your warm engine and can end up causing considerable damage to your car.

Once you’ve discovered you’ve got an infestation, it might be best to enlist professional help. A professional rodent removal company in Keizer, OR, can help you look for entry points as well as supply elimination methods to get you on the path to being rodent-free.

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