The Risk of Doing Without Renter’s Insurance in St Charles, MO


There is a lot to be said for renting an apartment or a house. Renters do not have to be concerned with matters such as making repairs, paying property taxes, or even securing homeowners insurance. One thing the tenant does need to do is secure a reasonable amount of renters insurance in St Charles MO. Here are a couple of reasons why this is important. Replacing Damaged Furnishings and Other BelongingsThere is a common misconception that the property insurance of the landlord also covers the belongings of the tenants. That is rarely the case. That coverage is intended to take care of the building itself, the grounds, and any fixtures and appliances that happen to go with the property. This means if there was a fire in the building, and the tenant lost his or her furnishings or clothing, there would be no benefits from that policy to help with the cost of replacing those items.

With Renter’s Insurance in St Charles MO, in place, the tenant does not have to be concerned if some catastrophic event damages or destroys his or her belongings. The terms of the insurance plan will provide the funds needed to replace clothing, furniture, and other personal effects. Some plans will even include benefits to make it easier to secure temporary housing while the apartment building is being repaired. Liability IssuesAnother misconception many tenants have is that insurance carried by the landlord will cover any injuries that take place on the rental property. While that is often true if the origin of the injury has to do with the structure itself, that plan will not cover anything if the root cause can be traced back to the negligence of the tenant. For example, if the tenant owned an area rug, and a visitor tripped over that rug and fell down the stairs, the landlord would not be held liable for the accident. In this instance, it would be the responsibility of the tenant. If the renter insurance policy has liability coverage included, the plan will take care of any medical expenses resulting from the fall. The bottom line is, tenants should carry their own insurance. For renters who need coverage, call today and speak with an agent. In no time at all, a plan can be in place and the tenant can rest easy.