Reviewing Types Of Eye Surgery In Wichita, KS


In Kansas, local eye patients may require surgery to treat a variety of conditions. The surgical procedures are used to lower the chance of vision problems. For some patients, the surgeries correct their vision and eliminate the need for eyeglasses. Local eye doctors perform Eye Surgery in Wichita KS and help patients every day.

Cataract Surgeries and Procedures

The cataract surgeries are performed to eliminate a milky formation from the lens. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and doesn’t present a high risk to the patient. Phacoemulsification is a procedure that removes cataracts using ultrasonic vibrations that dissolve the film. Extracapsular surgery requires the doctor to cut the cataract off the eye. Sutures are used to close the lens. Intracapsular surgery involves the removal of the lens and capsule. Cataracts can return; laser surgery can mitigate these risks.

Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery involves the removal of the portion of the lens causing the vision issue. The surgery is performed for patients that are far or nearsighted. The surgery has shown positive results and can eliminate the need for glasses altogether. It is performed on an outpatient basis. It takes up to one hour to complete the surgery. The results last for many years before the patient will need a new surgery.

Glaucoma Surgery Options

Glaucoma is an eye disease that leads to pressure and pain inside the eye. The condition leads to total blindness for most patients. However, surgical procedures can lower the risks and improve visions. There are two types of glaucoma surgeries. They include laser and conventional surgeries. The laser surgery creates a smaller opening in the eye to drain fluid from the eye. Conventional surgery is performed to allow for drainage as well. It is more invasive than laser surgery.

In Kansas, local eye patients may undergo surgical procedures to correct vision or mitigate common effects. A cataract and glaucoma are the most common conditions that affect the eyes. The doctor performs procedures to eliminate cataracts and prevent blindness when glaucoma develops. Patients who need Eye Surgery in Wichita KS can Visit Business Name for more details.