Retail VS Investment Banking for Investments in Madison CT

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Residents in Madison CT can find it difficult to decide on investments to help secure their financial futures. Investments in Madison CT offer different opportunities through the most secure of investment offerings at a bank, also referred to as an investment bank. Investment banks are financially sound institutions that help investors, companies, and even governments raise investment capital via underwriting bond and shares issued and investment banker’s act as the agents for investors through issuing of securities.

Investments in Madison CT are subject to the modern banking financial and investing environment. Some investments in Madison CT can involve companies or corporations’ in mergers and acquisitions. Many investment banking firms have already merged in recent history. As a result of the financial set backs in the housing and security crash of 2008 investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America merged to become one of the largest investment banks in history. For individual investments in Madison CT they will likely find that such a large firm will pay little attention to the growth and development of their individual investor accounts.

Other large investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and J.P. Morgan offer proprietary trading investments to Madison CT investors. Proprietary trading consists of these investments banking firms buy and sell investment securities out of their own (proprietary) accounts and make them available to individual investors. This type of service again rarely benefits the individual accounts of investments in Madison CT. One of the reasons investments in Madison CT look more secure to individual investors from a retail bank over a large conglomerate investment banking corporation. Retail banks offer investments locally including mortgages, car loans, and installment credits. They also act as a depository offering checking and savings accounts and credit cards, dealing directly with individual investors and consumers instead of corporations. This offers investments in Madison CT that are watched over for the individual at the local retail bank they deal with.

The years of 2007 and 2008 really negatively affected the corporate investment banking firms. For instance, Lehman Brothers who were invested heavily in sub-prime mortgage securities was forced to file bankruptcy when the mortgage securities stop being paid. When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy it was the largest bankruptcy in American history. The crisis of finance was worldwide and it forced the government to offer bailout monies to the investment banks. All the more reason that individual investments in Madison CT are safest when made through local retail banks and institutions.

Essex Savings is a local retail bank that can offer investments in Madison CT that are safe and provide security and interest income without the risk realized from large investments banks. Why invest where no one will pay any attention to your security because you are not a million dollar corporation, instead keeping your investments locally you have the security of knowing they are secure and being serviced regularly.


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