Restoration Of Electric Service In Chicago Heights, IL


In the case of a heavy storm, a fire, or a flood, electrical systems are often casualties. Homeowners struggle to live without power, especially in the winter if they rely on electricity for heat. It is, therefore, imperative that the power is restored to a community as quickly as possible. The utility company that provides electricity goes through several steps to restore power. An electrical company like Bates Electric in Chicago Heights IL can help customers get temporary power while waiting for the power lines to be repaired.

Frequently, a utility company’s first priority will be to restore power first to emergency service providers like fire departments, police stations, and hospitals. In looking at residential power restoration, a power company may focus on the substations that will get power to the largest number of customers. Electrical restoration involves checking each level of the electrical system to determine the location of the problem. The process typically goes through the following steps:

First, the power company will check the main transmission lines. These are the lines that carry electricity from the generator to each of the substations that serve an area.

Next, the company will look for problems in the various substations and in the distribution lines coming out of the substations.

If no problems are found at the substation level, then the electrical company will investigate the tap lines that go from the main lines out to individual neighborhoods.

The next step is to restore power to individual residences. As utility workers clear fallen limbs and repair lines, it’s important for customers to stay away from the fallen lines and report them to the power company.

Some customers may need emergency power service, such as people who depend on medical devices that use electricity or people who are at risk for suffering from extreme heat or cold. An electrical company like Bates Electric in Chicago Heights IL can help customers obtain temporary power through a generator. However, it is essential that customers seek professional assistance in using an emergency generator, as improper use could put utility line workers’ lives in danger. Visit Site for more information about electrical restoration and other services.