Reserve Your Table At An Elegant Restaurant In Miami

Mediterranean Restaurant

In Florida, dinner for two is just a short commute away. Whether you love seafood or French specialties, you are sure to find wonderment in this local favorite. With this choice, the two of you have access to a plentiful selection of brilliant dishes starting with a wide assortment of appetizers and ending with perfection. If you wish to make reservations at an Elegant Restaurant in Miami today, contact the Villa Azur Restaurant and Lounge without delay.

Amazing Appetizers and More

This amazing restaurant offers a wide assortment of options on their raw bar. Among these opportunities are tiger prawns, clams, and king crab. If you prefer caviar, however; you have the option to choose from Alverta President, Royal Ossetra, or Petit Kaluga.
The restaurant offers both cold and warm appetizers to start your dining experience. These selections include homemade foie gras and crispy calamari with a brilliant salad. They also offer an excellent selection of salads including asparagus and lobster.

Entrees and Pasta

For your entree, you and yours have the opportunity to choose from meats and seafood selections which offer authenticity and flair. Among these options are veal alla Milanese, prime ribeye, and roasted salmon. Each of these selections comes with delicious sides and the opportunity to add a brilliant pasta selection. The side orders include potato gratin, sauteed spinach, and macaroni with shaved truffles to name a few.

Catering Services for Your Event

If you have an upcoming wedding or corporate event, they offer full-service catering. This allows you to choose from any of their excellent menu options and combinations. These opportunities are sure to dazzle your guests and present you with the chance to make wonderful memories. If you wish to acquire these services, you should contact them ahead of schedule to ensure availability.

A romantic night out is not complete without brilliant foods and conversation. To accommodate these needs you should explore the amazing dining opportunities in your local area. Among these choices, you could find an exceptional French restaurant that could become your next favorite. If you wish to dine at an elegant restaurant in Miami tonight, you should contact them locally make your reservations now.