Repairing Malfunctioning Climate-control Devices

Heating and Air Conditioning

Despite living in Florida, you must have a heating system for your property in addition to having an air conditioner. While you can learn how to change the climate-control equipment’s air filters, you won’t know how to make other types of repairs to a furnace or air conditioner. Fortunately, heating and air company Jacksonville FL experts are available for routine or emergency service calls to fix an air conditioner or a furnace. There are several signs that climate-control devices are working correctly, including loud thumping noises from the components or noticing that the air from vents isn’t being heated or cooled.

Technicians Have Equipment Schematics

Each brand of air conditioner or furnace has a different schematic, but professional heating and air company Jacksonville FL technicians have access to information about each type of climate-control device. In addition, one of these experts knows how to work on equipment without experiencing any problems from natural gas lines or electrical wires. A technician also has tools for troubleshooting air conditioners or furnaces to determine what isn’t working in the equipment. Alternatively, you won’t have the equipment or knowledge to make a repair to climate-control equipment in an efficient manner.

Call Us Today to Have Your Climate-control Equipment Repaired

There are several things that can stop working on an air conditioner or a furnace, including the thermostat, blower or fuses. When you call a heating and air company Jacksonville FL technician for assistance, he will have the diagnostic equipment and extra parts required for a repair on a service van. In most cases, one of our technicians can fix your furnace or air conditioner in one service call. For additional information about having an air conditioner or furnace repaired, contact Jenkins Heating and Air at our website located at