Repairing Brick And Masonry

Construction and Maintenance

Brick is one of the more common and often used masonry materials. Brick starts as clay which is fired in a kiln, it is available in hundreds of different colors and textures. Although a brick exterior is among the most expensive treatment, it is the favorite of many homeowners because it has a very long life, easy to maintain and repels water well. Although it is expensive, over time it will pay for itself. It is not unusual for bricks to last 100 years or more with very little brick repair in Philadelphia, PA required.

Water is bricks big enemy

Water is the big enemy of bricks and masonry; it permeates into the material and over time the cycle of freezing and thawing causes cracks. If the bricks were sealed when laid there is far less of a problem but this was not common on older homes. It is not difficult to identify the problem, as water enters the brick and then evaporates you will notice a surface color change.

It is highly recommended that at least once a year the entire exterior surface of a brick veneered home be checked thoroughly; this inspection should be done three or four hours after a heavy downpour. If, during the visual inspection there are noticeable dark patches, water has soaked in. Brick repair in Philadelphia, PA is a must.

Brick and masonry repair:

The common approach to rectifying the situation is a process called “tuck pointing.” This involves digging out any mortar between bricks that has deteriorated and replacing it. The most important part of tuck pointing is to ensure that the mortar that is used has a similar appearance as well as the same strength and composition of the original. By following this, not only will the problem be solved, there will be uniformity in appearance.Visit the Mara Restoration for getting more details about repairing brick and masonry.

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