Renters Can Contact a Lawyer For Assistance With Landlord Tenants Rights in Chicago


Tenants have a lot of rights, but most tenants will not be aware of all of the rights they might have. When a tenant has an issue and the landlord is not doing necessary repairs or is causing the issue, the tenant might want to speak with a lawyer about Landlord Tenants Rights in Chicago. This allows them to find out where they stand and learn more about what their options are for fixing the issue legally.

Find Out if the Home is Habitable

Homes must be certain requirements to be deemed habitable, but these standards might be lower than what the tenant would expect. If there are any serious issues with the home or apartment, the tenant can speak with a lawyer about determining if the home is habitable. If the lawyer does not think the home would be deemed habitable under the current laws, they can explain what the next steps should be for the tenant and how it will affect them.

Learn About Issues With Repairs Needed

Some landlords are excellent about getting any repairs done quickly while others may be a little slower. If it has been plenty of time for a repair to be finished and it is still not done, the tenant can speak with a lawyer about their options. The lawyer can explain how to get the landlord to respond to repair requests faster or help the tenant if they’re seeking compensation for the repairs not being completed in a timely manner.

Discuss Options for Leaving the Lease Early

Sometimes, it’s necessary to leave the lease early. A lawyer can talk to the tenant about their reasons for leaving and find out what the tenant might need to do to get out of the lease. It may be that the tenant is required to finish paying for their lease, but there may be other options the tenant is not yet aware of.

If you’re a tenant and have questions about Landlord Tenants Rights in Chicago, set up a time to speak with a lawyer today. Visit the website for The law office of Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells now to learn more about how they can help you.