Removing Water From A Basement, Repairing And Sealing Concrete Walls And Other Steps Associated With Commercial Waterproofing In Washington DC

Construction and Maintenance

If extensive rain has caused a basement to flood, the following steps can be completed to remove water and dry surfaces. Afterward, concrete walls need to be cleaned and repaired before adding a layer of sealer over concrete to prevent moisture from entering the premises again.


* sump pump

* towels

* electric heater

* rotating fan

* detergent

* water

* sponge

* bucket

* tube of concrete filler

* caulk gun

* putty knife

* waterproof sealer

* paint tray

* paint roller and frame

* paint roller handle

Removing Water And Drying Surfaces

A sump pump can be used to collect water from a basement floor and disperse it outdoors. A tube that is connected to a sump pump needs to be inserted through a window or door to transfer water. Towels should be used to soak up water that is on nonporous surfaces. An electric heater can be used to dry surfaces. If a rotating fan is set up in a basement and windows are opened, stagnant air will be eliminated and replaced with fresh air.

Repairing Walls And Adding Sealer

Interior concrete walls can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge. Plain water should be applied to a clean sponge before wiping it over the same surfaces. If there are hairline cracks in a basement’s concrete walls, they can be repaired by adding concrete filler to them. Concrete should be smoothed out with a putty knife so that its surface is flush with the rest of the walls. Filler may require a few hours to dry.

A waterproof sealer that has been stirred can be poured into a paint tray. A thick-napped paint roller that is covered evenly with sealer should be moved over concrete walls in straight lines. After sealer dries, an additional coat can be applied to concrete if more coverage is needed. After sealer dries, moisture will not penetrate concrete when it is raining.

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