Removing Lines and Creases with Juvederm in Waco, TX


Overtime, deep lines and folds can develop in your face. This often occur the most around the mouth and nose areas. These can be deep and dramatic, making a person look much older than they really are. This can have dramatic effects on a person’s self image. It can make a person feel less confident and insecure. There are remedies to help with these deep lines in the skin. Juvederm in Waco, TX is a treatment for these issues.

In 1934, scientists at Columbia University, John Palmer and Karl Meyer, made an important discovery about skin. They found that hyaluronic acid played an important role in the skin. Its main function is to maintain skin volume and hydration. They were also the first to isolate this substance and name it. This launched many studies and uses of hyaluronic acid. By the 90s, this hyaluronic acid begin to make headway in the medical field. It was used for joint pain, wound treatment, and eye surgery. The very beneficial qualities of this substance proved very helpful in these fields. By 1996, it was used for facial augmentation in Europe.

This qualities of hyaluronic acid showed to be very beneficial in smoothing out moderate to severe lines in the face. Juvederm is a product that utilizes hyaluronic acid. It uses a special cross linked form of this acid. It is made in a gel form so that the body cannot metabolize it quickly. This gives it a lasting effect for its users. The flowing gel, also makes it easier for doctors to use the product. The gel can absorb nearly a thousand times its weight in water. This lets it restore the skin’s volume, and removes lines and creases quickly. This gives the product a cutting edge above competitors. A study at Michigan University showed that this product stretches skin cells. This stretching forces it to make new collagen in the skin. New collagen helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

Juvederm treatment in Waco TX is a great way for getting rid of the signs of ageing. It is a simple injection in the area of severe lines and creases. The effects are immediate, and can last for up to a year. For those who have moderate to severe lines in their face, this product can be a great benefit. It can help them to look younger. This can help to restore confidence and self image.