Remarkable Improvement of Cellulite in Chicago with Edermology


Many people of both genders are affected by the unsightly look of cellulite. Cellulite is something that usually can’t be prevented and is very hard to manage. Diet, exercise and weight loss does not get rid of it. People of normal weight can have it, when others of larger body mass don’t. After years of trying to find medical interventions that worked for cellulite, there are finally effective ways to make the connective tissue fibers that smooth the surface of the skin more flexible.

New treatment programs for Cellulite in Chicago smooths out the rippling appearance of cellulite. A cutting-edge procedure applies pressure to the site areas and mechanized massaging synchronously. The non-surgical, mechanical treatment produces a noticeable reduction in cellulite. Patients who have had it attest to better skin tone and uniform contours. Results are achieved after a few short weeks.

The medical term for the treatment of Cellulite in Chicago is Edermology. Its origins are from France and the goal is to unbind fat trapped under the surface of skin. It is most effective on the behind and thighs where most cellulite exists. The ripples and dimpling is seen only with fat that’s trapped very close to the surface of the skin. Tissue fibers pull on the skin making that well known descriptive word called cottage cheese.

Endermology works with a high stimulation machine that creates additional blood flow to the areas. Water is pulled away from the tissue fibers to circulate in the body. The result is skin with a smooth and defined surface. Patients lie in a body stocking for the aesthetician to skim the machine over regions of the body to be treated. The science behind Edermology shrinks fat cells. When the fat cells get dehydrated and shrivel, cellulite is smoothed away.

As an added benefit, the movements of Edermology machines vitalize the dermis. The skin exfoliates which contributes to improving the look. A few treatments is all it takes to revive skin to a firm, smooth and shapely appearance again. The silhouette of the body becomes more toned and slim so clothing has a better fit. Edermology treatment is a regimen that should be done in concurrence with a healthy exercise and diet plan. Contact the Liposuction And Cosmetic Surgery Institute to set up an appointment.

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