Reliably Reconditioned Surplus Equipment to Keep Business Moving

Electric Motors

Surplus equipment suppliers buy used and unused surplus items, like electric motors, gear reducers, and transformers, to recondition them according to a thorough certification process and make them available to the market. We provide high-quality electric equipment, reconditioned to the highest standards, and at fair prices.

Product Sourcing

Our purchasing process sources from plants everywhere in the US and Canada. Equipment comes from plants that are closing or upgrading product lines. Quantities can also be supplemented by warehouse-volumes of spare or already reconditioned equipment that might have been accidentally acquired or were left by canceled projects.

A Stringent Reconditioning Process

Valid used and surplus equipment isn’t just new paint and putting it back on the shelf. We don’t do the repaint until we make sure everything else will provide excellent service. We run a stringent and thorough certification process according to a set of reconditioning standards.

Reconditioning follows a series of specific steps for both AC and DC motors before we ever put up our best surplus electric motors for sale. The steps run from a Megger test and performance and durability tests to repair of housings and shaft journals and runouts, steam clean and bake, lead replacement, re-insulation, balancing, bearing replacement, a final test, and a repaint.

Production Efficiency

We make our surplus electric motors for sale on a convenient website with a range of tools. We continually update our online catalog, providing access to an ever-growing and changing inventory.

Our standards for reconditioning and warranty policies are unsurpassed, and problem-solving on our site is easier than ever with our online technical resources and helpful links. We understand the importance of production in profitability and are there to help with backup electric motors to keep your industry moving.