Refine Your Game with the Right Lacrosse Heads


If you are a lacrosse enthusiast and new to the game, you will find that the large part of how well you play depends upon how well you chose your lacrosse head.  A lacrosse head is the part that you see on top of the lacrosse stick.  This is the functional organ of the lacrosse stick that actually catches, retains and carries the ball.  There are more than 30 different types of lacrosse heads available today.  Which one you should buy depends a lot on the kind of game you like to play and your personal preferences.  It must however be remembered that it’s the lacrosse head that could change the game.

Types of Lacrosse Heads

There are so many different types of lacrosse heads that you have plenty of choice when it comes to buying one that will perfectly complement your playing style.  Some of the most popular lacrosse heads are Offset Lacrosse Had, Cant Lacrosse Head, Onset Lacrosse Head and Curved Lacrosse Head.  All the lacrosse head types differs slightly from each other in the way they are crafted, their weight, strength, flexibility and most importantly the design of the mesh.

Heads that have a narrow face design retain the ball better allowing you a better control.  You can get heads that have a reverse flair that gives you a stronger hold thanks to its narrow pocket.  Open side wall provides for lightweight handling and channeled side walls provide uniform stiffness.  Newer innovations are made every day and you can now get lacrosse heads that are made to be superlight for comfortable handling.  In short, you have so much to choose from that you can virtually craft your own lacrosse head.

Narrow Vs. Wide Lacrosse Heads

Every player has his own personal choice when it comes to choosing a narrow or a wide Lacrosse head. Lacrosse heads are different for the attacker, the defender and the goalie.  The one who was attacking would prefer a narrow head making it harder for the defense why the defenseman would prefer a wider Lacrosse head that makes it easy to catch the ball.  The Lacrosse heads designed for goalies are usually much wider than the other Lacrosse heads.

Lacrosse Heads – Flexibility Vs. Stiffness

Whether to choose a more flexible or a rather stiff Lacrosse head has been a popularly debated topic among players for a long time.  The choice however varies with every player’s personal style of playing.  While one may want a stiffer head that provides a more effective check, another may prefer a crowd of flexible head that makes it easier to pick up lose ground balls.  There is no good or bad type of Lacrosse heads as it all comes down to the player’s personal choice.

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