Reduce Winter’s Toll on Your Home with Roof Repair Services

Roofing Contractor

Winter has a way of placing a greater-than-normal strain on your home’s roof. Unlike spring showers and summer thunderstorms, snow and ice can sit on your roof for quite some time, growing heavier with each passing day. That extra weight may damage shingles, but it also causes some more extensive issues. Though damage may not be immediately evident after the spring thaw, having an inspection performed and any necessary Roof Repair Services promptly carried out can extend the life of your roof.

During the day, heat from inside your home, combined with the sun’s effects, causes ice to melt, if only partially. Once nightfall rolls around and temperatures drop, water re-freezes, creating an ice dam. The cycle continues, but ice in your gutters and downspouts is not heated enough to melt blocks runoff from escaping as it should. As a result, that runoff seeps underneath your shingles or trickles over the edges of the gutters and down under your home’s siding.

This issue is responsible for many of the leaks homeowners discover, but it can also cause decay beneath the siding and even lead to foundation damage if ignored. The same storm of exterior cold and interior heat may also become problematic if your home has skylights or faulty joints and flashings. Leaks are certainly a major problem, but condensation also causes its fair share of interior water damage.

Roof repair services should be sought out as soon as possible after winter’s snow and ice disappear. Of course, if significant damage is noticed before that point, you may want to consider scheduling emergency repair services. Doing so could thwart extensive damage to your home as well as rising energy bills. At the same time, having your roof inspected before cold weather hits are also recommended. Your professional contractors will be able to spot any potential concerns and correct them before they become a more extensive and costly issue.

You can’t keep winter from showing up each year, but you can take measures to reduce its effect on your home. Have your roof inspected beforehand to remedy any existing damage, but also have additional problems repaired afterward. Contact Carroll & Sons Roofing to learn more about lessening winter’s toll on your roof.