Receive Compensation with the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miamisburg, OH


Whether you have suffered injuries from a dog bite, trucking accident, or premises liability accident, the first call after medical treatment has been received should be placed to a personal injury lawyer in Miamisburg, OH. It is important that victims do not speak to the opposing insurance company on the telephone. A personal injury attorney will take care of answering any questions the insurance company may have and will protect the victim’s rights.

When an individual is injured in an automobile accident, the victim will have to prove the other party was negligent in their actions. Even if the police gave the other driver a citation, this does not always prove that the individual was negligent in a civil case. A personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the case and determine if the case should be pursued.

Serious Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are not as serious as a permanent injury like a broken bone or brain damage. Permanent injuries require extensive medical treatment and usually involve an individual missing a lot of work. Some types of permanent injuries will require a lifetime of medical treatment and personal care help.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, serious injuries can lead to the premature death of an individual. In these types of situations, surviving family members like a spouse, child or parent, could be eligible to receive compensation for their loved one’s death. Family members could receive compensation for the loss of support from their loved one, compensation for funeral expenses, payment of medical bills, and much more.

In addition to a parent, child or spouse, the executor or administrator of the estate could file a claim. Any money that is received will be distributed per the direction of the will.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases could involve commercial or residential property. If a homeowner or commercial establishment does not correct a dangerous situation and an individual is hurt, the owner could be held liable to compensate the victim. It requires the legal knowledge of a personal injury lawyer in Miamisburg, OH to be successful in a claim for compensation.

You do not need to suffer physically and financially when a personal injury lawyer can help you achieve a fair financial settlement. Learn more about our attorneys and how they can help you win your case.