When you make the decision to replace your air conditioning system, you will also need to inquire about installing one or more smart thermostats. This thermostat complements the use of today’s new air conditioning units. Thermostats are designed to be fully programmable and can be tailored for use by the week, day, or hour.

A Better and More Efficient Cooling Method

Besides installing a smart thermostat, you will need to review the benefits of a mini-split ductless AC system. This type of cooling system is faster and quieter and is designed to address the specific cooling needs of each room in your house. Ask an A/C installation contractor in Schertz about this super-efficient method for cooling a home.

Another name for a mini split ductless A/C is a mini split. When you speak to an A/C installation contractor, you will find that the main advantages of a mini split is its small size and adaptability. This A/C unit can be used for zoning the cooling for specific rooms in your home.

In fact, many of the models feature up to four air handling units (for up to four rooms). Each unit is connected to an outdoor unit. Therefore, a smart thermostat is installed for each cooling zone. As a result, you only need to cool the spaces that are occupied, thereby saving you a great deal in utility use.

Streamline Your Energy Use

Because mini splits are ductless, you do not have to worry about the energy loss that results from having ductwork. In fact, an A/C installation contractor will tell you that the existence of duct work can lead to a 30% consumption of energy.

Who to Phone for Further Information

When compared to other add-on A/C units, mini splits are more design-friendly, as indoor air handlers can be mounted flush, hung on a wall, or suspended from the ceiling. You can choose from floor-standing models too. To obtain more information about this unique cooling option contact a company such as All Service Air Conditioning & Heating today for further details. You can also connect them on Facebook.