Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Gets Denied in Mobile, AL


Anxiety can be a huge presence when you apply for Social Security Disability (SSD). Not only are you enduring a physical injury, but also you are worried about being denied. Help from a Social Security attorney in Mobile, AL, may ease some of those concerns.

SSD Provides Assistance When You Cannot Work

Generally, people who with either a temporary or a permanent disability may qualify for SSD when they are unable to work. While this seems like a straightforward exchange. There are challenges that might make the process difficult.

Understanding some of these common reasons can give you the advantage to avoid being denied.

Challenges to a Social Security Disability Claim

Some challenges to getting approved for SSD include:

  • Not following medical advice. Without a valid excuse, it is very important that you follow everything your doctor prescribes for your condition.
  • Failing to cooperate with the Social Security Administration. Not complying with requests from SSA for medical records could lead to a denial of benefits.
  • Failing to prove you are unable to work. Proving that your condition prevents you from working may be difficult without assistance from a Social Security attorney from Mobile, AL.

Get Legal Representation for Your Social Security Disability Claim

Applying for SSD and being denied is not something you want to face alone. Contact the Lemoine Law Firm for trusted legal representation from a firm that understands what it takes to win claims. For a chance to secure the benefits you deserve, visit, and schedule your free consultation today.