Compared to the average accident involving passenger cars, an accident involving a large truck is likely to result in serious injuries or death and a great deal of property damage. Knowing that semis can weigh up to 40 tons, it comes as no surprise that damage and injuries are worse when they are involved in a collision. Trucking accidents are also more complicated as there are more parties involved. Hiring a Chicago truck accident lawyer makes a lot of sense for these reasons alone.

How can truck accident lawyers help?

Truck drivers must get regular rest and sleep, keep to the speed limits, and remain on constant vigilance. The company that owns the semi must maintain it well and ensure the vehicle is properly inspected. If there is any lapse on the part of the driver or the owner, the results can be horrific.

Accidents involving heavy trucks are far more complicated than accidents involving two passenger cars. In the event two cars collide, liability for the collision falls on the driver found to be at fault. However, commercial vehicles are far different; there are invariably more parties involved; the driver, the trucking company, the vehicle owner, the loaders, and various insurance companies. Any or all of these entities can share in the responsibility when the truck is in a collision.

Why hire a truck accident lawyer?

With so many parties involved, it can be quite a challenge to apportion blame. A Chicago truck accident lawyer can engage professional truck accident investigators. In many cases the accident is the result of negligence on one party or another.

The driver may have been fatigued or even under the influence of drugs or alcohol; perhaps the vehicle was exceeding the speed limits or not taking into consideration the road conditions.

The trucking company may have neglected the vehicle, postponed urgent repairs, or forced the drivers to meet demanding delivery schedules that resulted in their being behind the wheel for more hours than allowed by law.

A collision with a heavy truck or another commercial vehicle can take a terrible toll in terms of injury and property damage. Only a seasoned Chicago truck accident lawyer knows the best approach to getting the right compensation.

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