Reasons to Use a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer in Your Workplace

Air Quality

As an employer, you bear a legal obligation to keep your employees as safe as possible while they are working for you. You especially need to use safeguards to protect their health and prevent them from getting sick on the job.

Along with keeping the place disinfected, you also need to clean the air your employees breathe each day. You may prevent airborne illnesses by installing and using a system like a regenerative thermal oxidizer in your workplace.

Minimizing Absences

One of the main reasons to use this system involves minimizing the number of absences your employees must take for contracting airborne sicknesses at work. When the air is full of viruses and bacteria, it can make your employees sick. They may have to take a number of days off work to recover from colds, the flu, pneumonia and allergies.

To keep the air as clean as possible, you can invest in one of these systems. It can remove contaminants like bacteria and viruses from the air. It also may help keep your employees healthy so they avoid having to take time off from work to recover.

The system can also remove dirt and dust from the air and prevent employees from breathing in dirty air. It can remove debris that is kicked up in the air from the manufacturing or production processes that take place in your building. Find out more about a regenerative thermal oxidizer by contacting Air Clear, LLC at