Reasons to Seek Treatment From a Cosmetic Dental Office in Plano


As you get older, your teeth can start to deteriorate in condition and appearance. The once bright smile that you had when you were younger can give way to rotting enamel and dark spots.

Rather than live with decaying teeth, you can get them repaired when you seek treatment from a cosmetic dentist in Plano. You can enjoy numerous benefits when you entrust your dental care to one of these specialized oral health providers.

Whitening Your Smile

Teeth whitening is one of the most common services that a cosmetic dentist in Plano can offer to you. You could need your teeth whitened because of lifestyle habits like drinking coffee or smoking. These habits can darken your enamel and make your mouth look yellowed and aged.

Your dentist, however, can use professional-grade bleach to remove the stains from your teeth. The bleach will be placed in dental trays that fit around your teeth.

You leave the trays in place for several minutes during each treatment until you get the results that you want. With the proper care, the results from the bleaching can last for several months if not longer.

Crowns and Caps

When you have broken or cracked teeth, you can conceal these damages by having the teeth capped or crowned. The crowns and caps are made out of dental porcelain that looks and feels like tooth enamel. They are attached to the surface of your teeth so that no one can tell that your teeth are actually damaged.

Most caps and crowns last for at least five years if not longer. Your dental insurance also can pick up most if not all of the cost of these dental fixtures.

You can find out more about cosmetic dentistry in Plano online. Contact Lone Star Dental Care for details.