Reasons to See a Dentist in Arlington TX


To stay healthy, it is essential to make an appointment with a Dentist in Arlington TX at least once a year. Why are these oral maintenance visits so important? This article will explain several reasons why seeing a dentist can literally save your life.

Seeing a professional regularly

36% of Americans go to the dentist less than once a year and, according to multiple experts, six percent of Americans have not seen a dentist since their adolescent years. For many, the reason behind not consulting a dentist biannually is due to something called “stomatophobia,” which is a fear of seeing a dentist. Others simply consider this routine check a waste of time, especially when no pain is present.

Ideally, people have to make an appointment with their dentist once or twice a year. It is a ritual that must be introduced during pre-adolescence, around 12-13 years since it is from this age that decay can develop on the patient’s adult teeth. Moreover, if the patient has a history of oral issues in the past (implants, periodontal disease, and so on), 3 to 4 visits per year are recommended.

Make an appointment with a Dentist in Arlington TX when all is well, and especially when things are not as great.

Routine visits help people avoid serious problems

The secret of good oral health is prevention! This means that you do not have to experience pain before visiting a dentist’s office. If a person eats ice cream and a tooth is abnormally sensitive to cold, or they find blood in the sink when brushing their teeth, experts stress the importance of seeing a professional. The problem will be resolved quickly and the discomfort will disappear, in most cases.

If individuals wait (because of a fear of the dentist, lack of time or, just laziness), the problem will assuredly worsen. Take the example of bleeding gums during brushing. This is usually a sign of gum inflammation, a problem that, if treated early enough (with tooth descaling, for example), can disappear in 48 hours.

Seeing a dentist is not a luxury to take for granted. Contact Carrier Dentistry for more details.