Reasons To Hire A Professional For Dog Walking In Manhattan

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Pets And Animals

While most people prefer to walk their pet on their own, sometimes, you find you can’t. If you work throughout the day or have an illness, it could be problematic. Therefore, you may decide to hire someone to help with the dog walking in Manhattan. However, it can get expensive, especially if you use a professional walker so that you may think twice. However, there are many reasons to hire professionally instead of the kid next door.

Regular Exercise/Health

Your pet’s health should be significant to you, and almost 54 percent of cats and dogs are considered obese in the United States alone. If they don’t get the recommended amount of exercise, they could acquire various health problems later in life, which could have been diminished or prevented with regular exercise. Therefore, your pet should probably be getting at least three walks per day, of at least 20 minutes each. However, it’s recommended to ask your veterinarian.


Just like you need to be stimulated and have socialization time, so does your pet. They’ll get the exercise they require, but it will also be stimulating to their senses. They’ll get to feel the ground, hear all the noises and smell the smells. During the stimulation process, they’ll meet other animals and people, which can encourage proper manners.

Better Behavior

It may seem strange, but a tired puppy is a good puppy. Regular walks can help to relieve stress and release extra energy, which can result in better and calmer behavior at home. Frequent and long walks will mean that your pet is less inclined to bite, chew, bark or go to the bathroom inside. Therefore, it could be beneficial to hire someone, especially if you work during the day or have multiple errands.

Peace of Mind

You want to make sure your pet is well-cared for, but if you work or have a busy life, it can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, professional dog walking in Manhattan can ensure that they get what they need while you feel better knowing they are getting that exercise and socialization that is necessary for their development and health.

Your Time

You likely live a busy life and may not have 20-minute increments to take your pet for the walks they need. You may find yourself waking up early to get it in or needing to leave on your lunch hour. Instead, hire someone to help.

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