Reasons to Hire a Lawyer in Canada to Protect Your Unique Invention

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When you have come up with an exciting and unheard of idea for a new product or service, you do not want anyone to steal it. You’ll want to protect it at all costs from infringement or trademark violations.

To protect your idea fully, it’s important to file the required legal documents in court. By hiring a trademarks lawyer in Canada to represent you and your product or service, you can file a case right away with the local court and make sure you get all of the credit once your idea hits the market.

Filing a Trademark Case

Your trademarks lawyer in Canada can immediately file the necessary paperwork to protect your invention. He or she can do this even before word of your invention gets out on the street. This moment is critical, since the last thing you want is for someone to find out about your idea and take credit for it before you have the chance to petition the court for a trademark.

Your lawyer will also know what paperwork to file and what fees need to be paid to the court. This task will be handled in a quick manner so that you can protect your invention from being stolen by anyone else.

Taking Legal Steps Against Imitators

If someone does try to take credit for your invention, you will have legal recourse to take once you file the trademark case in court. You can prove that you filed first and therefore have all rights to the invention. You can use this legal proof to compel the imitator to halt his or her infringement on your idea.

For more information about filing a trademark case for your invention in court, contact Trademarks & Patents Lawyer today and find out how to retain a lawyer.