Reasons Seeing a Dentist in Manahawkin about Dental Implants Can Be a Wise Choice for Patients Who Have Missing Teeth


In the past, many people who were missing teeth had few options for replacement teeth. Generally, a Dentist in Manahawkin would recommend dentures as the best option to replace their teeth. While dentures can be helpful, they also could create problems for the wearer. This is because dentures are generally not stable in the mouth. They often will slip or move about, which can create sores and other types of discomfort for the wearer. Because of this, many people may have avoided having their lost teeth replaced. Fortunately, many dentists can now offer a much better solution to this problem, dental implants.

Dental Implants can be a much better way to replace lost teeth because they are placed in the mouth in a way similar to natural teeth. This is done by using a rod of metal to anchor the replacement tooth to the jawbone. This eliminates much of the movement and shifting treatments like dentures could cause.

When a patient decides to see a Dentist in Manahawkin about this type of treatment, the dentist will first need to run tests to assess the condition of the patient’s jawbone. This is important, because the jawbone will have rods placed into it. If there does not have sufficient bone mass to support these rods, the dentist will need to consider a different type of implant for the patient.

Once the assessment is made of the patient’s jawbone, the dentist will need to schedule a time when he or she can perform a minor operation to place the metal rods in the patient’s jawbone. These rods are made of a biocompatible material, which will fuse with the bone. Since this can take a bit of time, the dentist will want to wait until this process has been completed before moving to the next step of the procedure. The wait can be several months, but it is necessary to have a secure foundation for the replacement teeth to be attached to.

After the jaw and rod have bonded together, a Dentist in Manahawkin will then be able to affix custom designed crowns, bridges or dentures to the rods in the patient’s mouth. These new replacement teeth will not slip or move in the mouth. This will enable the patient to eat, laugh, speak and smile as they did with their natural teeth. For more information visit online.