Reasons Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Lubbock TX Can Be a Good Choice for Assistance with Tooth Loss Issues


People who are missing one or more teeth may find this condition can hinder many of their daily activities. Depending on which teeth are missing or how many, a person may find it difficult to eat certain foods, speak correctly or smile. Because this can often be embarrassing, many people with this issue may be reluctant to spend time with friends and family. In such situations, it cn be a good idea to visit a Cosmetic Dentist Lubbock TX who can help correct this problem.

One of the most common dental treatments a dentist will often recommend to someone with this condition is dental implants. Dental implants can be a great choice as they can replace the missing teeth in a natural feeling and looking way. This can be a great benefit for most patients, but especially those who may be worried about the painful situations dentures or dental bridges can sometimes cause.

Dental implants can avoid many painful conditions other types of treatments created because they are designed in much the same way a person’s natural teeth formed in the mouth. A rod made of a biocompatible material is generally placed in the patient’s jawbone. This is used to duplicate the root of the tooth. The metal rod bonds to the bone and this can create a stable and secure foundation for the Cosmetic Dentist Lubbock TX to attach dental appliances.

Dental appliances, such as crowns, bridges or dentures, are generally used in this type of treatment. Once a dentist from a practice, such as Dyal Family Dentistry, permanently affixes the implant, the patient will have a replacement tooth or teeth, which will not move or shift in the mouth. Since movement is often what leads to the sores and pain of other treatments, this will be eliminated with dental implants.

In addition, many people will lose bone mass after they have lost a tooth or teeth. This can cause their mouth to change shape and this will generally affect the shape of their face as well. By using dental implants with a metal rod replacing the tooth’s root, this issue can be stopped and in many cases bone mass will be restored as well. This can result in a great improvement to the patient’s look and their self esteem.