Reasons Landlords Should Require Tenants to Have Renters Insurance in Houston


Many detailed lease agreements will specify that a tenants belongings are not covered in case of an accident and then will go on to suggest that the tenant purchase renters insurance. There are many landlords that have begun to require their tenants have a policy for Renters Insurance in Houston. The following are the benefits that a landlord can take advantage of if they require all prospective tenants to purchase a renters insurance policy.


In the case of an accident, a tenant without insurance is more likely to sue the landlord, if only to replace their property that was destroyed. Instances like fire due to electrical short or a clogged furnace will almost always result in a lawsuit filed by a tenant. If the tenant has a renter’s insurance policy, they are far less likely to sue due to the fact that their property will be replaced by the policy.

Cleanup after an Accident

Many renters’ insurance policies cover the removal of damaged property from their residence, which can benefit the landlord because they do not have to worry about contracting out the cleaning. By having the cleaning of the home covered, the landlord will be able to repair the house much faster, which can also benefit the tenant. A tenant is more likely to leave a house full of damaged property if they do not have a Renters Insurance in Houston. Many times the security deposit will pay more some of the cleaning costs, but not all of it which means that the landlord will lose money on the rental.

Many times a tenant will move out after an accident that is deemed their fault, rather than deal with the consequences of their actions. By having renter’s insurance policy, the tenant will be more likely to stay in the rental property because of the help offered by the insurance company. If you have any questions about a renter’s insurance policy, you can call the professionals at the Ortiz Insurance Agency. The Ortiz Insurance Agency offers a wide array of different policies and can help you tailor make a policy that fits your particular needs. With over 25 years of experience, Ortiz Insurance knows how to offer you the most coverage for the least amount of money.