Railroad Cancer: What is it? How Can a Lawyer Help You with it?


Cancer can hit anyone at any time, but did you know that railroad workers are diagnosed at a higher rate than the general population? Even today, railroad work is dangerous and often exposes workers to carcinogens. If you or a railroad worker you love have been diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to understand the link between railroads and illness.

What is Railroad Cancer?

If you get sick, your doctor probably isn’t going to diagnose you with “railroad cancer” per se. That’s because any type of cancer that may have come from working the rails falls under the railroad cancer lawyer. Lung, bladder, kidney, colon and rectal cancer can all result from working on the railroad. Leukemia, throat, and stomach cancers also occur in those with a history of working on railroads. Any of these diseases could be considered railroad cancer.

Who Can Get Railroad Cancer?

Almost anyone who has spent time working on the railroad can develop railroad cancer. The asbestos found in brake shoes and pipe insulation can cause cancer, as can the silica dust that’s raised when workers spread gravel around the tracks. Welding fumes and part cleaners can impact those who spent time maintaining railroad equipment, and the herbicides used to keep the tracks free of unwanted vegetation often emit dangerous fumes. Railroad ties are treated with potentially dangerous creosote and old railroad bridges often contain peeling lead paint. Even the diesel fumes from trains can cause cancer, making it dangerous to work around the train and tracks, even if a worker doesn’t have direct contact with either.

Who Can Help?

If you believe that your cancer may have come from working on the railroad, it’s important to contact a railroad cancer lawyer at Diesel Injury Law or visit our website. They can’t take your cancer away, but they can help ensure that the railroad company that made you sick will help pay the related medical bills and other cancer-related expenses. The railroad will have a team of lawyers working to protect them and you should have one too. Having an experienced railroad cancer lawyer in your corner can make a world of difference and change the outcome of your case for the better.