Questions To Ask Your Fire System Installation Company In NJ

Fire and Security

If you have considered hiring a fire system installation company in NJ, you likely want to take care of your responsibilities and keep fires at bay. Whether you have started a new business or moved to a new location recently, you may need someone new to help you. You understand the benefits of hiring a professional because they are experts in ensuring that your employees, occupants, building, and business are prepared for any possibility of fires. They can help you set up alarm systems, plan suppression systems and can maintain and place safety plans and extinguishers for you. The problem is that there are many companies out there, and you have to choose the right one, so these questions could help you.

Current License

Most states require fire-protection companies to have a special license that shows they have been tested and trained to do the job correctly. They are usually state regulations, so each location is different. Therefore, you may want to find out if your state requires licensure first to determine if this question is relevant.

Offered Services

While most people hire someone to install their systems, you may require further help in the future. For example, you may have alarm systems that need to be wired or a kitchen hood replaced. Finding out which services they provide now will help you decide if they can grow with you as your needs grow.


After it has been installed, you don’t just forget about it. It will require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it is working properly. Therefore, you may want to find out if they will perform these needs, as well, or if they only install new systems.


It is always helpful to ask companies you are considering for references of past projects. Established companies will have a list of available references to give you, and you can call them to find out what they liked/disliked about them and whether or not they are the best choice for you.


Almost any professional you deal with should offer estimates for their work. You need to plan your budget, so if possible, ask for a written estimate. You will need to tell them about all the work they’ll have to do, and they may want to come out to inspect the property first to ensure they can handle the job effectively. You may also want to get estimates from other companies so you can compare prices.

A fire system installation company in NJ should have current licensing, be bonded and insured and offer more than just installments of systems. Visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. today to learn more.

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