Questions Frequently Asked of HVAC Contractors in Camp Hill PA

Heating and Air Conditioning

When your furnace is not working as efficiently as it should or your air conditioner seems to be running overtime, you naturally want to call an HVAC company with well-trained, experienced technicians. Oftentimes, homeowners have questions for technicians regarding their heating and cooling system. Check out some common questions asked of HVAC contractors in Camp Hill, PA.

How Do I Operate My Thermostat?

Many of today’s thermostats are programmable. This helps with the efficiency of a heating and cooling system. HVAC technicians are asked about the setup of these thermostats along with the most optimal temperature settings. An experienced HVAC technician knows how to set programmable thermostats of various brands and can clearly explain the details of a thermostat’s operation to homeowners.

How Often Do I Change the Air Filter?

Most homeowners know that changing the air filter in the furnace helps to keep the system working efficiently. Many homeowners ask their HVAC technician how frequently the filter needs to be changed. The answer is usually about every three months. But, if a household has lots of dogs or cats, technicians are likely to advise changing the filter more frequently.

Finally, a friendly, knowledgeable technician is happy to answer any questions a homeowner has about a repair, installation or maintenance. The more homeowners know about their heating and cooling system, the better they can care for it.

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