Questions to ask Your Contractor About Roofing in Noblesville

Construction and Maintenance

When the time comes to replace the roofing on your home, it is important to find a qualified roofing contractor. This needs to be someone who will do the job right and help you to find the product that best suits both your needs and desires.

The amount and type of roofing materials has expanded over the last decade to include options which are more durable, energy-efficient and attractive. Steel roofing products can be made from as much as 60 percent recycled materials, saving the environment while it protects your home. It is possible to find concrete tiles which mimic the appearance of wood shakes but are fire resistant. This makes it less expensive to get homeowners insurance as well as being a longer lasting roof.

These are just a couple of the facts about roofing materials and the options available to homeowners today. When you meet with your contractor, just asking about price is not enough. Be certain to ask these questions as well.

1. Ask for real reasons why you should choose a particular type of roofing. Because it’s cheap or easily available are not good enough answers.

2. Ask for a detailed, itemized written estimate so you can be certain everything which is needed is being included in the estimate. Replacing shingles with tiles could mean requiring more roof support. A leaking roof may need a new underlayment beneath the tiles, not just tiles. Be certain it is going to be done right.

3. See their license and certifications. Be certain they are covered with adequate insurance.

4. Know whether or not they will be removing the old roofing and if the contract includes disposing of the discarded materials. Also, be certain they have a dumpster or collection system to keep the mess under control during construction.

5. Ask about what their policies are regarding protecting gutters, landscaping and the site should bad weather strike.

Roofing in Noblesville can be affordable and simple when you call a company you can trust. When you have done your research and are ready to begin, visit the website to learn more about how easy it can be to get the perfect roof for your home.

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