Questions And Answers About Visiting An Emergency Dentist In Eden Prairie


If you have tooth pain or if you’ve suffered trauma to the mouth, it’s important that you visit a dentist immediately. If you don’t receive proper dental care, the pain can become unbearable and it could cause more damage to your teeth. Before visiting an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie, read the frequently asked questions and the answers below.

Q.) What are the steps to take when a tooth has been knocked out or become loose?

A.) The sooner that you can get to an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie, the better your chances are at saving your tooth. When you arrive at the dental clinic, the dentist will examine your mouth and place the tooth back into the socket. For this procedure to be successful, you must keep your knocked out tooth moist until you reach the clinic. Put the tooth into a small container and add enough milk or water to submerge the tooth. If the roots of your tooth dry out, it probably can’t be saved.

Q.) What can an Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie do to help with tooth pain?

A.) The Emergency Dentist in Eden Prairie will first have to look at your tooth to find out why it’s hurting. The nerves of your tooth may be infected and this will cause it to be painful. If this is the cause of your pain, the dentist may want to perform a root canal procedure on your tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved, your dentist may recommend an extraction and pull your tooth out to remedy the pain.

Q.) Are there any steps to take to prevent dental emergencies?

A.) If you or your child plays sports, wear a guard over the teeth to protect them from trauma. Avoid biting down on extremely hard substances such as ice or popcorn kernels. Always visit your dentist regularly for a checkup so that any dental problems can be addressed before they get worse.

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