Quality Electrical Contractors in Wilkes-Barre PA Save Property Owners Money

Electronics and Electrical

For everything from new construction to normal maintenance projects, using a top rated electrical contractor can save commercial property owners money. Keeping all electrical panels and wiring properly serviced reduces the likelihood of damage to equipment or even fires. Proper planning of new construction and regular inspections of existing installations are important first steps in protecting property and lives, and working with a top electrical contractor makes that a reality.

Long-time area electrical contractors like Quality Electric are equipped and staffed to resolve any electrical issues for local commercial and multi-familiy property management clients. Those services include typical maintenance services like light fixture maintenance or trouble-shooting circuit problems, but also include the more difficult problems like pole installation or boring projects. Well known as the go-to Electrical Wilkes-Barre PA experts, the company is available to consult on installation or repair problems.

Property owners often assume that since an electrical panel has worked for years, it is still serviceable. While that may be true, experts agree that electrical panels have a finite lifespan and replacement should be anticipated for any panel over roughly 20 years old. Industry needs have changed dramatically over the years, and often circuits were expanded to accommodate additional equipment. Overloaded circuits are one of the more common causes of fire or damage to high-tech equipment. Even if not required, consider an infrared electrical inspection to identify problem areas so corrections can be made.

In addition to over-loading resulting from wiring issues, some older electrical panels have proven to be dangerous. All Federal Pacific, Zinco, Westinghouse and Bryant panels should be inspected immediately where they are still in use. Electrical Contractors in Wilkes-Barre PA professionals will quickly identify suspect panels produced by those companies and recommend updates to protect the structure and equipment.

Hi-tech servers and other valuable equipment need additional protection to guarantee uninterrupted power. Not only is downtime costly, but a loss of power can be harmful to the equipment itself. Installation of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is often a requirement for modern companies rather than simply a convenience. The Electrical Wilkes-Barre PA professionals work with clients to determine the most efficient UPS system for immediate as well as future needs.

While it is always prudent to compare service providers, selecting one that has a proven track record for delivering service and protecting valuable client assets is always recommended.