Quality Auto Insurance in St. Augustine Area


Searching for the “right” auto insurance provider can be overwhelming and confusing. The number of carriers and types of coverage available might make the task seem daunting. ThompsonBaker provides auto insurance in St. Augustine even to those who may have a few black marks on their driving records. The agency covers cars and motorcycles with solid, reputable policies. Besides cars and motorcycles, insurance carriers like ThompsonBaker will insure motor homes, campers, and other types of vehicles.

If you’re looking for comprehensive auto insurance in St. Augustine, you’ll want to consider the types of coverage an agency will provide. Insurance policies offer liability and physical damage coverage. This means that if you’re in an accident, liability will cover any damages to the other party’s property. Liability covers property damage and physical injuries to the other party that you may be responsible for. Your physical damage coverage will pay for damage to your own vehicle. This damage may come about as a result of a car crash, inclement weather or road hazards.

Quality auto policies cover you when you rent a car, truck or trailer. In other words, your policy will act as though you are driving your own vehicle. The car insurance policy will take care of any damage you incur or cause as a result of an accident while driving a rental car. If you let someone borrow your vehicle, any damage the driver causes will be covered under some of the policies issued by better carriers. The caveat to this coverage is if you choose to exclude drivers. Any driver listed as not having permission to drive your vehicle will not be covered on your policy. If an excluded driver causes damage while driving your car, you or the driver will be personally responsible.

Before you seek quotes, you’ll want to be aware that your credit history and rating may have an effect on your insurance premium. Other factors that can influence your premium costs include the vehicle make, model, built-in safety features, anti-theft devices, vehicle safety rating, your age, your gender, and your accident history. The amount of miles you typically drive and whether you’ve completed safe driving courses can also influence your premium costs.