How to Pursue Your Lawsuit Per a Commercial Litigation Attorney Albuqerque


What do you do when you buy a product that is not working as specified or you have been misled by what the product owner advertised? What can you do when you continue to try to get them to make good on their services or products and they continue to give you the brush off? You can either forget it about and count it as loss or you have the option to sue. If you are in New Mexico, a Commercial Litigation Attorney Albuquerque wants to tell you how to pursue your options.

Filing a lawsuit is serious business. It can end up costing both parties a lot of time as well as money. Ensure that you have a legitimate case before you go to such great depths to pursue the matter. Be sure that you have exhausted all reasonable options before you get the court system involved. However, if you find that you truly believe you have a case of merit, then there are things you should do to get the ball rolling.

You must first have the legal capacity to sue, that is, you must be of age (over 18) and be mentally competent to pursue the case, or have a guardian, trustee or executor to sue on your behalf. Next you must have a legal leg upon which to stand. In other words, you must have been directly wronged or injured by the party or parties you wish to sue, such as physical injury or the offending party not fulfilling a contractual term. Finally, ensure that you have a good case. Just because you have a legal right to sue doesn’t make it a good case.

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