Providing a Full Range of Sheds, Playgrounds, and More in New Jersey


There is something special about decorating your yard for the spring and summer months and adding to the outdoors with a beautiful shed or elaborate swingset. This is exactly what Swingset Warehouse does for you and your family. They have been providing quality outdoor equipment and other services like shed installation in NJ since 1984. When it comes to products, Swingset Warehouse offers a variety of playsets, trampolines, basketball equipment, and so much more for your family to run and enjoy the nice weather. There is nothing better than that family time while everyone is taking in the sunshine with smiles on their faces. While the kids take advantage of their playground, you can utilize your brand new shed.

Sheds of NJ are easy to assemble and are the perfect solution for garden or yard storage. There are professional install teams ready to help you install your sheds of NJ and the rest of your outdoor equipment. This way you will know that your shed installation of NJ and your swingset equipment has been put together by the experts and is safe. The sheds come in a range of vinyl and have been one of the best-selling options at Swingset Warehouse due to their durable and low-maintenance qualities.

For your shed installation in NJ, all you need is a concrete or timber base for the shed to sit on. It can easily be put together with power tools, but if you still want a little extra expert help, customer service is ready to jump in and help. To find out what other things you can get from Swingset Warehouse, visit