Protect Your Rights and Interests After Being Injured in an Auto Accident


Car accidents in and around San Antonio are the most common basis for personal injury claims and lawsuits in Bexar County. If you were seriously injured in a car accident in San Antonio, TX, that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you’ll want to retain a car accident lawyer who will protect your rights and best interests and obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents are the leading cause of preventable deaths in the nation. Here are some of their common causes:

Distracted Driving: This involves behavior like talking on a phone, texting or using an infotainment center while driving.
Speeding: The faster that one travels, the less opportunity there is to slow down or stop to avoid an accident ahead.
DUI: This includes driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two.
Disobeying Traffic Signals: Red lights and stop signs require drivers to come to a complete stop.
Tailgating: Rear-end collisions are the most common type of motor vehicle accidents.

Protect Your Rights and Interests

Always keep the fact in mind that the insurance company of the person who caused your accident and injuries isn’t going to protect your best interests. The company’s only objective is to get rid of you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. You’re in no position to deal with the rules of procedure and evidence that are involved in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. You’re going to make mistakes that will stay with your case and devalue it. That’s why you need a dedicated and effective legal team on your side to maximize any proceeds that you might receive.

Politely refuse to give any kind of a statement to an opposing insurer after a car accident in San Antonio, TX. Rather than doing that and harming your case, contact an experienced and respected car accident attorney to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation at the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez by calling 210-807-8656.