Protect your Pet this Summer with Pet Safety Lights

Pets And Animals

The days are getting longer and the sun seems to be getting hotter.  Summer means it’s time for camping, cookouts, bonfires and outdoor fun.  If you have recently made an addition to the family with a fur kid, you will have to take some safety precautions into consideration for the well-being of your pet.

Sidewalks and other walkways can get really hot from direct sunlight.  So hot that cement and asphalt can burn the pads of your dog’s paws.  It’s a good idea to stay off of them until the evening when they have had a chance to cool off.  Early to late evening walks are best to avoid hot sidewalks.  The twilight lighting and darkness, however, can make both you and your pet tough to see to oncoming traffic.  A perfect solution is safety lights for pet.  A light incorporated into your pet’s collar makes motorists aware that you and your pet are alongside the road.

Aside from hot sidewalks, the intense morning and afternoon sun is not good for your pet.  Heat exhaustion can easily set in, especially for breeds with thick and heavy fur.  Again, walking and exercising your pet at night is the best option.  Even if you are letting your pet run in your own yard, using pet safety lights is a good idea so you always know your pet’s location.

Cookouts and camping are summer activities that are great to enjoy with your four-legged fur kid.  Both of which, however, often means you and your family are in an unfamiliar place at night with a lot of new and exciting smells.  This is another opportunity to take advantage of pet safety lights.  They allow your pet to be able to roam yet be seen and kept safe.  Most campgrounds are like their own small cities and have roads that golf carts roam on freely.  While it might not be as busy as a main road with vehicles, pet safety lights allow motorists of all sorts to see you and your pet.

Be sure to be conscious of your pets needs during the hot summer season.