Protect your Family with Mold Remediation in CT


You may or may not realize if you have mold in your home, but in many ways you are feeling it. Mold causes a host of health issues that, when not corrected, can lead to long term, chronic disease. The people most at risk for health issues with mold are infants and children, the elderly, anyone with respiratory conditions, and people who are immunocompromised. Mold remediation in CT will correct the problem to ensure the long term health and safety of the people you love the most.

Some of the symptoms of mold exposure mimic those of the common cold. You may experience nasal and sinus congestion, or a cough and sore throat. You may even have chest tightness or difficulty breathing. Many people don’t even realize these are symptoms of mold exposure, attributing them to seasonal allergies or a virus. Mold can cause environmentally induced asthma, or asthma exacerbation. Spontaneous nosebleeds have been reported. Mold weakens your immune response, and leaves you more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections. Some people also experience headaches and skin or eye irritation.

Long term mold exposure has been linked to cancers. Consistently breathing in toxic air can lead to pulmonary fibrosis, or lung tissue changes due to toxins, and pneumonitis, which is inflammation of the lungs. Acute lung injury such as bleeding in the lungs is also possible. Mold can lead to neurological damage. It can cause hematologic and immune disorders, liver, kidney, and endocrine toxicities, and GI and cardiac illness. Breathing in mold circulates toxins through the body, which can lead to issues during pregnancy. Mold remediation in CT is essential for the protection of your loved ones.

Professionals like AA Asbestos Abatement LLC, perform home assessments to determine the type of mold problem you have. They practice safe and effective removal techniques to ensure the job is done properly the first time. Make sure you are using licensed and insured professionals. Don’t ever let cost stand in the way of correcting a mold issue. Shop around, read reviews, and find a company that offers a price match guarantee and affordable service. Mold remediation in CT is not something that should be put off. Protect your home and your family today.