Protect Your Belongings in a Climate-Controlled Naples Storage Unit

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When you’re putting items in a storage unit, there are a few that should be in a climate-controlled environment. This environment can keep humidity levels to a minimum, which can protect your belongings until they are removed from the unit.

  1. Furnishings

If you have furniture that you want to store, then consider air conditioned storage units in Naples, FL. The controlled cooler temperatures can keep mold and mildew from forming on the furniture. This environment can also decrease the number of cracks and damage that could occur if the furniture is kept in a unit that doesn’t have air conditioning.

  1. Electrical Components

Items that are electrical, whether they are plugged into the wall or use batteries, should be stored in air conditioned storage units in Naples, FL. If these items are left in a unit that could have high temperatures or that have high moisture levels, then they could be damaged to the point of them not working when they are turned on after they are retrieved.

  1. Paperwork

Any important documents should be kept in a unit that is climate controlled. Documents that have moisture on them tend to curl on the edges. There can also be discoloration. If the documents get too wet from excess humidity, then they could tear. Consider putting documents in plastic sleeves so that they are protected. You can then put the sleeves in a sealed tote or notebook to try to keep them intact and as flat as possible so that they are in the best condition when you remove them from the unit.

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