Protect Private Details with a Mobile Destruction Unit in Orange County, CA

Document Shredding

In today’s world, privacy is paramount. Personal information is stolen, bought and sold on the dark web on a daily basis. Business that take the extra step to protect the information that they hold are in high demand and customers trust them more.

What many companies fail to realize however, is that it’s not only online information that is at risk, paper information can be stolen as well. That’s why it’s important to to ensure that any documents with any private information is completely destroyed once they expire or once the information is no longer needed. This can be done with the help of a Mobile Destruction Unit in Orange County CA.

What is a Mobile Destruction Unit?

A mobile destruction unit is simply a shredding company on wheels. This is usually a very large truck with shredders located inside so that documents can be shredded at their source with commercial shredders.

Are Commercial Shredders Better than Other Shredders?

Commercial shredders are the absolute final word in shredders. A Mobile Destruction Unit in Orange County CA will carry shredders that will reduce documents to a very fine pile of paper that can never be reconstituted. With cross hatched blades, paper is cut into tiny pieces, smaller than confetti.

What Happens to the Shredded Paper?

Once the paper is shredded, it is then recycled. This ensures that even if someone were diligent enough to try to get at the shredded papers, there would be nothing to get at. The recycling process eliminates the print on the paper, and it becomes wholly new again.

How Does a Company Ensure the Papers are Shredded?

A shredding company offers proof of destruction for all shredded paper. If a company would like, they can also have an employee witness the shredding, as it can be done the company’s property if they would like. Shredding companies can also take the papers to their own facility. Their employees go through background checks and sign strict privacy documents to ensure that they don’t look at what they are shredding.

No matter what size company you have, it is your responsibility to keep the information of your clients as well as your business confidential. This can be done a number of different ways, but for paper, using a mobile shredding company is ideal. Visit to see what options are available for you.