Protect the Foundation of Your Home or Business by Eliminating Drainage Problems in Mississippi

Construction and Maintenance

The foundations for our buildings are expected to take a lot of abuse, and when that abuse gets to be too much, they can show the strain by cracking and shifting. When this happens, it can have disastrous effects on the rest of the structure including cracking walls, shifting doors and windows that no longer function as designed. Many foundation problems are caused by faulty drainage, and Drainage Problems Mississippi are not the type of situation that the average homeowner or maintenance repairman can fix as they often require heavy equipment and a skill in shifting the foundations to properly level the building.

Before any actual work can begin, the contractors will need to have the property studied by their engineers so they can understand where the excess water is coming from. Some problems are simple such as excess drainage from a roof or a sloping property allowing the rain to run along the building’s foundation and wash away the supporting soils. At other times, it could be the fault of shoddy workmanship or lousy materials used in the building process. No case is typical, and each will require specific operations to repair the problem.

Once the contractors have discovered the cause of your Drainage Problems Mississippi, they will need to devise a plan to address the situation. This plan could include changing the property’s landscaping so the drainage runs away from the building, or it might include creating a new drainage system around the structure and attaching it to the existing drainage system. However, before they can address the drainage problem, they will have to study the foundation of the building itself and determine which repairs will be required for your specific problem.

For example, some foundation repairs require piles be driven under the foundation while other methods include using a concrete based filler that works to lift the building so it becomes level again. Modern chemicals have been developed that can replace the concrete mud used for many of these functions, but the end result is similar. In most cases, the repair will require multiple attacks, and which will succeed can only be determined by engineering experts such as those employed by companies like Ewing & Ray Foundation Services Inc.