Protect Your Car and Your Home With Glass Tinting in Connecticut

Film and Tinting

Saving on energy costs is important for residents and car owners. Energy costs tend to increase frequently and they are a sizable portion of a monthly budget. However, there are ways to cut energy costs by making minor changes. Tinting windows are a cost-effective way to significantly reduce energy costs, and they provide many other benefits as well. Tint Master has been providing glass tinting in Connecticut for more than 30 years. Their high quality films not only save their customers money but also improve the appearance of their cars and homes.

Although tinted windows may seem to be primarily for their aesthetic value, for cars and building structures they are a valuable tool that protects vehicles and occupants from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. They are also a protective film covering that effectively limits a significant amount of energy that cooling and heating units have to expend to maintain a comfortable temperature. Tinting films restrict the amount of air that can get into a car or a home, so when the temperature is warm the air conditioner does not have to work overtime to cool, and in the cooler months more heat is retained inside so the heating system runs more efficiently. This results in lower energy costs, and increases the life of the vehicle, and heating and cooling units in the home.

Although glass tinting is a simple process, the results it produces are numerous. Glass tinting also provides protection from skin cancer. People spend a considerable amount of time driving in their cars. Installing glass tints reduces their exposure to the sun, and could potentially protect individuals from developing skin cancer. They also protect the interior furnishings in buildings and cars from fading. Over time the constant glare of the sun that shines through windows will fade draperies and furnishings in a building, and in a car the sun will fade carpeting and may cause cracks to the dashboard. Glass tinting in Connecticut also safely guards glass from shattering when it breaks in a car accident or a break-in.

Tint Master installs top quality films and their showroom displays the quality level of work they do. They have confidence in their services and their product, and to ensure their customers are satisfied with their services, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their installations. For customers who request their orders before noon, they will service them the same day.