Pros and cons of a granite undermount sink

Home Improvement

Any real estate agent will tell you that a lot of the perceived value of a house comes from the kitchen. In this day and age families spend a great deal of time in this room so when the home is built or renovated, the wise homeowner spends considerable time and effort to ensure that the finishes and the various features are as perfect as possible. It is rarely thought of, but, next to the refrigerator more people use the kitchen sink than any other item in the kitchen.

As a beautiful kitchen will invariably include a granite counter top, then granite sinks are also thought to add to the overall value. An undermount sink produced from granite in Nashville, TN is considered to be the most stylish, clean and durable sink that money can buy. It is also heavy and expensive and may call for custom cabinetry but if installed at the same time as the counters, it is less of a problem.

An undermount sink in granite is available in a host of colors. As granite is a unique material, cut from a slab which in turn comes from a specific quarry, there are no two pieces the same. It is this feature that gives granite in Nashville its appeal.

An undermount sink is favored because any mess or crumbs that are on the counter can simply be swept straight into the bowl. There is no rim for any food matter to get under which means there is no chance of a bacterial growth. Although their cleanliness is a definite plus, they are difficult to install as usually an under-counter support is required. As granite is the heaviest of all stone sinks, this support may be substantial and certainly calls for professional installation.

One of the common complaints about stainless steel sinks is the noise. This is not an issue with granite due to its heft, there is little noise generated even when washing a sink load of dishes. It must be said thought that care must be taken with glass and ceramic as the stone can easily chip or break these delicate materials. Another issue that must be considered with a granite sink is staining. Cleaners which include ammonia can quickly dull the surface so they must be avoided.

Granite in Nashville, TN can be used extensively in the kitchen and bath of the modern home. Visit website for more information.