Proposed Budget Cuts That May Affect Veterans


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) spends a lot of time trying to find ways to save the country money. Unfortunately, many of their solutions involve cutting federal spending paid to people through programs like Social Security or veterans’ benefits. Such a solution was recently included in a proposal presented by the CBO. In it, they discussed reducing veterans’ benefits compensation and increasing TRICARE fees.

Now, more than ever, veterans are advised to work closely with Woodridge veterans disability lawyers to ensure they are compensated for their hard work and service to the country. Veterans are advised to seek legal assistance and file all claims as soon as possible.

Are Veterans a Target?

It may provide some small amount of relief to know that veterans are not a special target in this latest proposal. There were several financial cuts discussed, including a reduction in Social Security. If all of the cuts in the new proposed budget were to be accepted, people who depend on many forms of federal funding would find their income reduced. Veterans are among those people, and the changes to their program were some of the most significant. Regardless, Woodridge veterans disability lawyers will fight to help veterans receive the compensation they deserve.

Proposed Changes

There were three changes to the veterans’ benefits program included in the proposal. The first was to cap military pay raises. The second was to increase the fees for Tricare, a program for veterans, spouses, and survivors of the age of 65. The third was to narrow eligibility requirements for the veterans’ benefits program.

Legal Assistance Is Important

It is highly recommended that veterans in the state work with Woodridge veterans disability lawyers to file claims they are entitled to. The lawyers will help you through all of the various stages and any appeals that may ensue.

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