How Professionals Simplify Restaurant Construction in Orange County

Construction and Maintenance

Building a restaurant requires the help of professional designers and contractors who have experience working with the food-service industry. Experts who specialize in Restaurant Construction in Orange County offer unique services, tailored to these businesses, including:

  • CUSTOM DESIGNS: A general contractor might offer a generic plan for a restaurant, but professionals in the field will tailor designs to their customer’s needs. Designers and contractors will get their client’s input, and then draft an imaginative plan that offers maximum functionality, without sacrificing their customer’s vision. They will consult with the business owner, from layouts and floorplans, through the entire design process.
  • TAKING CARE OF DETAILS: Contractors, such as Orchid Construction of Orange County, understand what background details need to be completed before restaurant construction can begin. Professionals will submit plans to the Health Department, Industrial Waste Bureau, and Fire Department. They can get a Conditional Use Permit when required. Contractors ensure that all needed permits are in order, and they understand building codes and local regulations.
  • COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICES: During Restaurant Construction in Orange County, professionals ensure that a project manager coordinates every phase of the work, and keeps the job on schedule. They provide feedback to customers, from start to finish. Experts will also design menu boards, signs, and other elements that match their clients theme. They are skilled at placing and connecting equipment correctly. Quality craftsmen will provide wall coverings, window treatments, furniture, flooring, painting, and more.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: In addition to restaurants and bars, contractors who specialize in the hospitality and food-service industry can expertly build, renovate, or upgrade other businesses. These include coffee shops, cafeterias, retail stores, and grocery stores. They work with bakeries, mini marts, ice cream shops, diners, and even factories.
  • BAR BUILDING: Professional, experienced designers can help clients upgrade or build unique bars. These may include custom designs, to match a restaurant theme, as well as wine bars, and more.

When clients want unique restaurants and bars built to the highest standards, they choose Restaurant construction contractors from Orchid Construction who specialize in this work. These experts provide specialized design and project management, and understand all regulations and requirements. They also provide a wide range of additional services, including custom bar building.