Professional Moving Company Gives Tips on Moving a Gun Safe

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Moving

People will need to learn how to move all of the things they have stored in their homes when it’s time to move. People who are moving might be surprised to learn that different things can be moved in different ways. This is true for furniture such as chairs and cabinets and home appliances that help keep things safe, such as gun safes. For those who have to move a gun safe, check out these tips from a professional moving company below!

Moving the Safe Upstairs

Getting a gun safe from the basement up to the main floor requires planning and following safety rules. To determine if the stair ascent is possible, start by measuring the safe’s size and weight. You will need a stair climber for this move. Choose one with strong straps and a stable base to make moving around easier and safer. Use heavy-duty straps to hold the safe in place so it doesn’t move or become unbalanced during the climb. Professional movers recommend that if you do this yourself, read the manufacturer’s directions carefully and follow them exactly.

Moving a Heavier Gun Safe

To safely move a 1000-pound gun safe, careful planning and specific equipment are needed. First, determine the safe’s size and weight distribution to identify the best transit path. A heavy-duty dolly with pneumatic tires is essential for smooth surface navigation. Remove detachable parts first to minimize the load. A moving truck or upstairs can be reached by sliding the safe across a surface with the proper tools. Moving big things requires a team of at least four people to disperse the weight and reduce injury risk. Though large and heavy, we recommend using a professional moving company for this kind of task.

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